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angove organic wines

Angove estate is one of the largest and most respected private wine companies in South Australia. In the year 2011, the company celebrated its 125th birthday, marking over 100 years of elegant winemaking on the principles of their pioneer Dr. Angove.

Angove Organic Wines

In the year 1886, Dr. William Thomas Angove and his wife immigrated to Australia from England. They settled down in a place called Tea Tree Gully just 20 kilometres away from Adelaide in South Australia. Dr. Angove established a small farm on his property to plant grapevines. These grapes were used by the doctor to produce wine that could be used as a tonic for the treatment of his patients. Starting from this, Angove Wines grew into a well known business that it is now, currently being operated by the fifth generation of the Angove family. Their organic vineyard, Warboys lies very close to the McLaren Vale wine region.

Angove Family Winemakers were one of the first to promote organic farming and grape – growing with minimalist involvement of chemical fertilizers or toxic materials. They have now progressed to incorporate about 36 hectares of the Nanya vineyard into ‘certified organic’ with an additional 30 hectares being prepared for the same. The Angove vineyard is certified organic fully.

Angove Organic Wines are popular in the industry for their splendid fragrances and juicy flavours. Some of the best known brands under the Angove name include Wild Olive, Long Row, Family Crest, Nine Vines, Sugar and Spice, The Singles and Studio Series. 

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