Australia and France Exchange Grenache Wines On International Grenache Day

international grenache day

The 7th Annual Grenache Day International events are being held on September 16. Wine tasting events are being held for this variety of red grapes based wine in countries across the globe. A number of Grenache wine ambassadors would be holding these events in their respective countries. These countries are USA, Australia, France, Japan, Russia, Sweden, South Africa and United Kingdom. This event will be held for the first time in Lebanon, Israel, Nigeria, Reunion Islands and Vietnam.

These events would be coordinated through three different social media platforms- Google Maps, Facebook and Twitter. The hashtags of this event are #GrenacheDay 2016 on GoogleMyMaps, and #GrenacheDay on Twitter and the page of GrenacheDay on Facebook. These are the online places where Grenache lovers can post their musings.

Australia and France would also be exchanging their respective Grenache wines which will mark a cultural exchange between the two countries. Russell Gallaghar of Serafo Wines has initiated this cultural exchange using Grenache wines with the French La Verriere region which is home to Chene Blue wines.

In Sydney, the Opera House Restaurant, Bennelong, will be hosting this event with participation of 21 wines from Australia, France and Spain. 

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