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Oz Wine Facts – Semillon

Wine Facts – Semillon

A pale golden-skinned grape variety, Semillon is generally used to craft sweet as well as dry white wines. Native to the Bordeaux region of France, the grape made its way into Australia in the early 19th century. Easy to cultivate, Semillon exhibits an oily texture, is quite heavy and features low acidity. It is also […]


Oz Wine Facts – Sauvignon Blanc

Wine Facts – Sauvignon Blanc

A green skinned grape originating in the revered Bordeaux region of France, Sauvignon Blanc is one of the most loved white wine varieties in Australia. It got its name from the French words sauvage (meaning “wild”) and blanc (meaning “white”), owing to its early origins as an indigenous grape variety. Aussie Sauv Blanc wines tend […]


Oz Wine Facts – Mourvèdre

Mourvedre Wine Facts

Mourvèdre is a red wine grape variety popular in various parts of the world – albeit by distinct names such as Monastrell and Mataro. Although it has proven difficult to pinpoint where this variety originated, most wine historians believe that Mataro first blossomed in Spain. The wines produced using this variety are tannic and highly […]