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What Gives a Distinct Flavour to Every Wine?

wine flavours

It's quite interesting to think where the wine flavours (and aromas, for that matter!) actually come from. When the wine we consume is made from grape juice, how come tasting notes never mention the grape flavour? How can a wine smell of a fruit (like black cherries and strawberries in the above example!) that was […]


Ice Wine: A Lovely Dessert Wine Worth Your While

Ice Wine

One of the hardest wines to produce, ice wine is a type of dessert wine, produced from frozen grapes. To be precise, the grapes have to be frozen while still on the vine before they are picked for producing ice wines. This task requires precision and careful timing. Before we get to more details, let’s […]


Fortified Wines: An Introduction and Some Interesting Details About Them

Fortified wines

Before we begin, please note that fortified wine is a type/style. In a layman’s language, fortified wines are regular wines that are “fortified” by adding a hint of brandy (or some other distilled spirit), to give them a longer shelf life. The Italian Marsala or Portuguese Port, are some of the popular examples for fortified wines. […]