Exceptional Women Of The Champagne World


One beverage that has the ability to instantly evoke feelings of euphoria and enthusiasm in the drinker is champagne. One glass of some delightful bubbly is enough to get everybody’s mood going.

The world’s most desirable beverage, champagne is most loved by women. However, have you ever read about some remarkable women behind it?

Despite being dominated by men, the champagne industry has seen few fabulous women in action to create some of the world’s most significant champagne brands. One of these women is Madame Clicquot. Widowed at a very young age, she took over her family’s vineyard in late 1700’s. Under her guidance, the company- La Veuve Clicquot scaled great heights. She has to her credit, the development of the riddling technique i.e. removing dead yeast from the champagne. Today, it is an important process in the manufacturing of champagne.

laurent perrier champagne

Another great woman was Jeane Alexandrine Louise Pommery, the lady behind La Veuve Pommery Champagne brand. She too was widowed very early at the age of 29 and took over her husband’s estate. A very ambitious business woman, she was the first one to make dry champagne and named it Brut. Before this, the champagnes were manufactured in sweet style. You can clearly understand h

ow important was this woman’s contribution by the fact that today 80% of the champagne sold in the world is Brut.

Another noteworthy female’ names in the champagne history would be Madame Marie-Louise Lanson de Nonacourt, the woman behind Laurent Perrier Champagne. She also took over the business after her husbands’s death and gave her heart and soul to make it a success. Today, Laurent Perrier is on number 3 as far as world champagne sales are concerned.

Not acknowledging the contribution of these great women would be unfair to the champagne world. 


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