Health Benefits of Organic Red Wine

Red organic wines health benefits

Many people are already aware that red wines contain a lot of special compounds that are proven to be beneficial for your health. Organic wine on the other hand is processed using environment-friendly techniques. Harmful chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and artificial fertilizers are eliminated from the process. So, if we have an organic red wine, it would be even healthier!

Red wines are rich in resveratrol, a polyphenol that helps remove free radicals that damage healthy cells in the body. Resveratrol can help prevent the development of chronic diseases and some forms of cancer such as colorectal and lung cancers.

Organic Wine

This antioxidant also prevents memory loss caused by ageing. Resveratrol found in the skin of dark grape varieties helps retain a sharp memory, adept cognition and alertness. It also helps our body fight against neurodegenerative illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia.

Red wine prevents a number of cardiovascular diseases. It inhibits the synthesis of a harmful protein that triggers fat accumulation along the walls of the blood vessels. Red wine also contains high level of procyanidins, a type of phenol that aids in the oxidation of LDL or bad cholesterol in the body. Red wine was also found to be more effective than aspirin in preventing blood clot and disintegrating platelet aggregations.

Wine also reduces the risks of having diabetes mellitus, kidney stones and gall stones. Wine is also an effective detoxifier that helps wash away the toxins in your body through sweat and urine. It also contains grape seed extracts that fight against cavities and promote good oral health. Resveratrol also reduces the scarring caused by extensive exposure to radiation. Its high silicon content also promotes bone health and maintains high bone density that helps counter osteoporosis.

Resveratrol really works like magic and it is indeed a powerful antioxidant. A regular dose of resveratrol is proven to lead to a healthy and long life.

Organic Wines are categorized into three primary types.

  1. 100% Organic wines are free from chemicals and additives throughout the process of winemaking; that starts from growing of grapes to sealing the wines inside the bottles.
  2. Wines that are Made from Organic Grapes are fermented from harvests that are guaranteed to be organic in nature. Moderated amount of sulphites may however be added to enhance the wine.
  3. Organic wines are considered the “least organic” among the three types. At least 95% of the grapes are organically grown and a maximum 10 mg of sulphites per bottle should be taken into account for the wine to be classified as Organic.


Reading all this, am sure would have made you understand the benefits of organic red wine. It is a healthy choice that features a multitude of health benefits and protection against harmful chemicals. So, from now, instead of buying regular red wines, why don’t you try organic red wine Australia?

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    • Dr Hans-Dieter Hensel
    • August 9, 2017

    Can you provide some numbers of silicon content of a range of red wines??  Where and how is this silicon stored and in what form??

    You also note above that in the processing of wine harmful chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and artificial fertilizers are eliminated.  Why should any of these chemicals be utilized in the processing of wine?

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