New Zealand’s Marlborough Wines

New Zealand Marlborough Wines

It is true to say that the wine of Marlborough tastes impressive and exceptionally well. Marlborough is located at the top of the South Island and is quite talked about for the best wine region in the entire New Zealand. It produces the first-rate and superb Sauvignon Blanc which is contributing to the 75-80% in the production of wines in New Zealand. You would be surprised to know that its first vines used to be a small block of Brown Muscat in the year 1873. Strangely, they were pulled and uprooted from the ground, and nothing new was planted till the year 1973. But now, it’s fascinating to know that a hundred hectares of grapes have multiplied and grown into thousands which makes it perfect and precise. There are an excellent mixing and blending of climate and the soil available in this region. Apart from this, the presence of adequate sunshine, moderate temperature and dynamic daytime variation are some of the factors that are contributing a lot to the production of the best wines.

Let’s get down to brass tacks where we learn that the Marlborough region has two equidistant valleys by the name of Wairau and Awatere. These two valleys stretch and deepen from the Pacific coast to a tiny town in the Marlborough Sounds. Now talking about the different climates of the two valleys, we learn that the Wairau valley has a pleasant and sunlit climate. On the other hand, the Awatere Valley has a refreshing and chilly climate. The interesting fact is that Marlborough has a mixture of both sunshine which lasts for around 2,409 hours annually and rainfall which is there for 655 millimetres annually.

Now the question that comes into sight is how this region is suitable for producing wines? It’s interesting to know that the broad and known valleys of Marlborough have been sliced or cut out by glaciers over many years and the result was the rocky as well as sandy stone. The resultant soil leads the vine roots dry and moistureless. All this becomes the reason that Marlborough becomes the suitable region for producing different varieties of wine. The area is known to produce some of the other exciting wines like the Pinot Noir which is filled with fruit flavours, Chardonnay which is filled with Citrus flavours and Pinot Gris and Riesling with floral tastes.

You must be surprised to know that Sauvignon Blanc was the number one to be produced in this country. In fact, the first Sauvignon Blanc is quite famous around the world and was founded by Bill and Ross Spence of Matua founders.  Sauvignon Blanc dominates and sits on the top for the Marlborough vineyards, but there are other wine varieties which also have their significant and relevant place. Go for them as they are bright, fruity and full of flavours. Taste them, after all; it should be a sip, sip, hooray!`


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