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Shiraz is undoubtedly, one of the most celebrated and beloved red grape varieties across the globe. It was one of the original grapes to make its way to the lush and picturesque regions of Australia and is currently the most widely planted Aussie red grape variety. The most historic Shiraz vineyards in Australia date back to the year 1843 that are used for the production of incredible Shiraz varietals and blends. It is a little-known fact that ungrafted, pre-phylloxera Shiraz grapevines are also spread across Australia, with the largest repository lying in the iconic Barossa Valley region.

Shiraz is a versatile grape, grown in almost every Aussie wine region. It is an adaptable variety, faring well in moderate to cool temperatures, as well as in warmer climate. Below is a survey of the production and export of this hugely popular variety in the year 2016.

Viticulture Shiraz Vineyards Area

In 2016, approximately 135,000 ha of vineyard land was planted with various juicy and vibrant grape varieties. Out of this, about 40,000 ha of land was dedicated to the growth of flavoursome and ripe Shiraz grapes. About 10% (4,600 ha) of these grapevines were new plantings. 97.6% of the land was the bearing area for Shiraz, as a share of the total area under plantation.

Grape Production

Out of a total of 1,608,000 tonnes of grapes crushed throughout Australia in 2016, about 395,200 tonnes were Shiraz grapes. Of these, 251,000 tonnes were grown and crushed in warm inland regions, while the remaining 144,100 tonnes of Shira grapes were crushed in cool climate Australian wine regions.

The maximum share of Shiraz came from Riverland (28%). The Riverina region scored the second position, contributing 15% Shiraz grapes to the total. The last three spots were secured by the following areas: Murray Daring, Victoria (11%), Barossa Valley (7%), and Murray Darling, NSW (5%).

Export Data

The top 5 exporters of Australian Shiraz wines in 2016 were discovered to be the following countries – China (30%), USA (21%), Canada (11%), the UK (10%), and New Zealand (4%).

The maximum number of Shiraz wines sold fell under the price bracket of $2.50/L to $4.99/L (58%). About 19% of wines exported lay in the category of $5/L to $7.49/L, 8% were from the range of $7.50/L to $9.99/L as well as $10/L to $19.99/L, and roughly 4% wines were priced $2.49/L or lesser.

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