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Know the Difference: Cabernet Sauvignon vs Merlot

cabernet sauvignon vs merlot wines

Cabernet Sauvignon vs Merlot is one comparison that is bound to get your pulse racing. After all, they are two of the most popular red grape varieties, not only in Australia but across the world, rivalled only by Shiraz (or Syrah). Although most people love drinking these wines, they don’t really know what makes them […]


Must Try and Finest Aussie Wines of 2018 – Go Try Them All!

2018 Wine Trends

Australian wine industry continues to move ahead by leaps and bounds year after year. The country is today one of the largest producers and exporters of all kinds of wine varieties in the world. About 40% of all the Aussie wines produced are consumed domestically. Going by a 2017 report, Australian vines grow on 135,133 […]


What Your Favourite Wine Says About Your Personality

What Your Favourite Wine Says About You

What is the best way to decode someone’s personality traits? Get them a little drunk – they will loosen up and let their guard down after a while. However, there’s another way to go about this too. You can tell a lot about others just by the drink they like ordering the most. To make […]