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Unearthing the Beauty of Pyrenees Wine Region

Pyrenees: The Land of Red Wines

Looking at those breathtaking views and magnificent hills of the Pyrenees in France is no more a dream. Just a few miles aways (less than 2 hrs of drive) from Melbourne, lies this beautiful Pyrenees wine region, that not just shares its name but a lot more in common with the Pyrenees in France. Located […]


A Walk Through the Ancient Soils of Heathcote Wine Region

Heathcote: From Gold Mines to Red Wines

Located one and a half hours drive away from Melbourne, Heathcote wine region lies in the heart of Central Victoria. It is bordered by Bendigo in the west and Goulburn Valley in the east, encapsulating a pure rustic experience. Known for its local arts, gold rush relics and spectacular landscapes, the region is also gaining […]


King Valley: Victoria’s Cool Climate Wine Region

King Valley: The Little Italy of Victoria

It might be a wine lover’s dream to land in the beautiful vineyards of Italy and savour the country’s amazing wines and other delicacies. Why cross oceans when you have Italy a few miles away? King Valley in Victoria, synonymously pronounced as the ‘Little Italy’, is a cluster of many small and diverse sub-regions characterised […]