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Merlot vs Malbec – Differentiating the Two Premium Red Wines

Merlot vs Malbec Wines

Both Merlot and Malbec are red grape varieties used to make red wines and blends. While Merlot has been around since 1784 with its first mention on a wine, Malbec has gone through a journey that’s highly appreciable and unparalleled, from its start in the 19th century, to a near-extinction, to its revival. People often […]


Oz Wine Facts – Malbec Grapes and Varietals

An inky purple hued grape with robust tannins, Malbec grapes are one of the six grape varieties that form part of the famous red blend from Bordeaux. Although unconfirmed, a well-received theory claims that this grape was named after a Hungarian farmer who first popularized and then spread the Malbec variety throughout France. Introduced in Australia […]