Tote Wines: Environment-Friendly Alternatives to Wine Bottles


Drinking wine is like taking a trip down the memory lane. Memories of fun moments shared with friends, of adventurous trips and so on – cherished for a life time. From time immemorial wines have been stored in glass bottles, either corked or with a screw cap. Today, wines are available in new and innovative packages to meet changing requirements of the wine lovers.

tote wines

Tote Wines is one such range of premium wines created to meet the tastes and needs of its adventurous wine lovers. This Barossa Valley wine company is the first and only company in Australia producing premium wines, packed in 1.5L wine pouches. These flexible packages eliminate the risk of breaking or spilling wines otherwise associated with wines available in glass bottles.  These pouches not only allows the customers with the flexibility of carrying them, whenever and wherever they wish to, but also offers an environment friendly drinking experience.

Jarrod Bryce, founder of Tote Wines, started such an innovative and out of the box technique of packaging to change people’s perception that best wines can only be found in a glass bottle. With a shelf life of 12 months, these wine pouches preserve the freshness of its content intact for four long weeks prior opening it. Tote Wines are 100% vegan friendly wines crafted to meet the tastes of its vegetarian wine lovers. These pouches are completely recyclable, making it cost effective and convenient to market.

In simple words, Tote Wines are innovative and unique alternatives to wines available in glass bottles, created to meet the needs of its adventure-seeking wine lovers.  

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