Truvee – A Wine Brand For Women, By Women


Treasury Wine Estate, the Australian wine industry giant renowned across the globe, aims to create history with its next big step. The company will soon launch Truvee, a new and innovative wine range crafted by skilled winemakers at Treasury targeting a specific and potentially huge market – women in their thirties. Another special feature about this wine series is that it has been crafted by female winemakers, women who understand the thoughts, desires and needs of a thirty-something woman. This makes the Truvee range even more unique.

This is the first time a company has tried to launch something for such a specific wine drinking group on a global level. Treasure Wine Estate has had great hits in both Australia and America, and it is expected that Truvee too will be a truly pleasing wine for female wine enthusiasts. Readers should note that Truvee had initially been part of the Diageo wine business, which was acquired by Treasury in January, 2016.

The redevelopment of the Truvee label was headed by a team of seven women, including the acclaimed Barossa Valley winemaker Kate Hongell. Per statistics, of the 13.9 million total wine drinkers in Australia, about 1.19 million (9%) of them are women aged 30 to 40 years. Keeping their age and preferences in mind, Truvee has been crafted with a sophisticated style. Starting out as a niche product, Truvee will slowly be expanded as the brand progresses and succeeds globally. In Australia, Truvee will start out with two varietals – Pinot Gris and Rose, at the cost of $20 per bottle. A Pinot Noir as well as sparkling varietal will be added to the collection in 2017. By 2018, Truvee hopes to launch in Asia, USA and Europe.


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