Robert Oatley Wines flaunts a solid 40 years of excellent winemaking that has resounded into the international scene over the years. The huge admiration to the vineyards and a sense of connection to the craft of winemaking has guided Robert Oatley Wines to an unparalleled success that continues to reach greater heights and new dimensions.The Robert Oatley Signature Series may probably be considered the “crème de la crème” of all premium quality vintages of the winery. Selected parcels of well-loved varieties are harvested from Australia’s finest regions and are crafted with utmost passion, skill and style. These wines strongly reflect the natural characters of the varietal and the region they belong to.

Robert Oatley Signature Series Chardonnay

Robert Oatley Signature Series Chardonnay is a popular Margaret River specialty with a growing fan base from all ages, wine experience and different walks of life. After a rigorous fermentation process, this well balanced and medium-bodied wine is matured in old and new French oak barrels to add a touch of complexity and elegance. Malolactic fermentation is skipped in order to retain the finely beaded acidity of the wine leading to an enjoyable mouth-feel.

Robert Oatley Signature Series Chardonnay’s palate is bright all throughout; with juicy white peach and subtle hints of oak creating a flavourful wine body. This award winning wine may be enjoyed now or matured in a good cellar for up to five years.

Grab a bottle of Robert Oatley wine and experience greatness and consistency in each sip.

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