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Pinot Gris/ Grigio

Buy Pinot Grigio White Wine Online

Pinot Grigio, a white wine variety belonging to the Pinot family, is the Italian name for Pinot Gris and thus is essentially the same grape variety. Although both these names point to the same fruit, the difference in the style of wines they produce is significant. Some of the best examples of Pinot Grigio wines are commonly described as crisp, dry and light weighted. This style is obtained by early harvesting the fruit so that it can retain as much of the fresh acidity as it can because the natural acidic state of this variety is already pretty low. Stainless steel tanks are generally used for its storage and fermentation to help retain the zest and freshness. The result is a light-bodied wine revealing fruit flavours of white peach, tart green apple and citrus on the palate along with floral blossom notes. You may pair it with pastas, pizzas or poultry dishes. Usually produced as a dry wine,the finest Pinot Grigio is primarily grown in regions like the Adelaide Hills, Mornington Peninsula and the Hunter Valley

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