Facebook Contest

Terms & Conditions

1. Just Wines Australia Pty Ltd reserves the right to use your phone number and email address for marketing purposes.

2. Multiple entries by the same person will be counted as one.

3. Winners will be announced every Monday.

4. There will be two lucky winners per week.

5. Winners will be selected from a random draw of entries received in accordance with these Terms & Conditions.

6. Winners will be entitled to three bottles of wines mentioned in the contest description. Please note that these wines are subject to availability and may be replaced by others without any prior notice.

7. Prizes can neither be exchanged for other prizes nor redeemed for cash/kind.

8. Just Wines Australia Pty Ltd reserves all rights to amend or cancel these Terms & Conditions without any notice.

Winners of Facebook Contest - October 2nd Week 2019

Name Email Phone Number
Deborah Pedelty d*b**8@live.com.au 43**0**56
Christine Byrne b**ne*h**e**6@gmail.com 40**6**04

Winners of Facebook Contest - October 1st Week 2019

Name Email Phone Number
Rachel Rosamond Hanscomb h***c*m*r@@yahoo.com 40**7**39
Jill Leigh Williams l**g***l**2@gmail.com 41**2**09

Winners of Facebook Contest May-June 2019

Name Email Phone Number
Charmaine Malam c****m@me.com **59***24
Stephen Szatmary s*******ts@gmail.com **45***37
Mark Wright m*******77@yahoo.com.au **06***52
Wendy White w***y@w****te.com.au **92***49
Sheena Dowdeswell s**********hn@bigpond.com **84***91
Gregory Stott g*********tt@gmail.com **25***40
Steven Bellettini s**********i@bigpond.com **79***22
George Neradovsky g*****63@gmail.com **62***99
Jocelyn Vettoretti l****a@lam*******rs.com.au **46***03
Paul Flegg p*******ea@ii***.net.au **84***61