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12 bottles

Quill Bookpurnong Shiraz 2021 - 12 Bottles

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Quill Bookpurnong Shiraz 2021 - 12 Bottles

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This Shiraz wine presents a vibrant showcase of sensory delight, beginning with its enticing aroma that prominently features an abundance of cherry and plum, seamlessly intertwined with an elegant whisper of spice. This aromatic bouquet promises a tantalising preview of the richness to follow. On the palate, this Shiraz unfolds its full splendour, delivering an intense burst of berry flavours that are meticulously balanced with the subtle, yet discernible presence of delicate oak. This harmonious blend creates a beautifully structured wine, where the fruit and oak components complement each other without overshadowing the wine's natural varietal character. The result is a compelling and memorable tasting experience that encapsulates the essence of premium Shiraz, making this option a distinguished choice for those seeking depth and elegance in their wine selection.

Buyers Premium 17.5%
Bottle Size 12 Bottles
Varieties Shiraz
Vintage 2021
Alcohol 10% - 15%
Region Bookpurnong
Brand Quill Wines
Vintage Note *Vintage may vary. Every effort is made to ensure the current vintage is displayed, however variations can occur.
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