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Dolcetto Wines

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The Dolcetto fruit is a black - skinned grape variety that originated from the Piedmont wine region in Northwest Italy. Dolcetto refers to ‘little sweet one’ in Italian which some believe point towards the sugar levels of the grapes while others believe it to be a reference to the hills where the fruit is grown and cultivated. Although their name suggests that Dolcetto wines would be sweet, this variety is used to produce dry wines that are tannic and fruit - driven with low acidic levels. Dolcetto wines are soft - styled and are generally of vibrant hues varying from a deep ruby colour to purple hues. Scintillating aromas of lime and black cherry rise up from the nose while the delicate and dry palate exhibits flavours of prune, liquorice and hints of almonds. Due to the high tannin structure, these wines usually end in a bitter finish.