Montepulciano Wines
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Montepulciano Wines

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Hailing from the same name town in Italy, Montepulciano wines are produced using late-ripening red wine grape variety. This grape variety is known for its intense purplish colour, soft flavours and gentle tannins. Widely produced as a varietal wine, it also serves as a perfect blending partner for other Italian varieties like Sangiovese. A food-friendly wine, it’s best consumed when young. The versatile drink pairs exceptionally with lamb, grilled or roasted meat, or pasta cooked with meat, lamb and tomato sauce.

While the Abruzzo region in Italy is one of the largest producers of Montepulciano red wines, the variety is now produced in other parts of the world, Australia being one of them. Though produced in small quantities, Montepulciano wine enjoys an audience of its own. Explore our premium collection and pick your favourite to enjoy with friends, family or coworkers.

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