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Originally from the central Italian region of Umbria, Sagrantino is a modest grape variety. It is to the credit of the Chalmers family who imported the first cuttings of Sagrantino wines in 1998 and planted them in 2000 in their nursery in the Murray Darling region. The first vintage of Sagrantino wines came in 2004, with expansion happening in 2008 in the Heathcote vineyard. The warmer zones of Australia like McLaren Vale, Barossa Valley, King Valley, Orange and the Granite Belt have vineyards hosting Sagrantino wines.

The wines are said to be quite powerful with minerals and a good structure. Sagrantino wines generally have savoury, earthy and leathery flavours, with lifted spicy notes and dried cherry, plum and cranberry notes. Buy this wine online and introduce your tastebuds to some of the most assertive tannins in the world of wine. You can pair Sagrantino with a wide variety of foods ranging from meat to its vegetarian counterparts and also with cheeses and desserts. However, the sweetness levels of the wine along with its tannins behaviour and fruity spiciness must be taken into consideration when pairing it with food. Preferred food dishes to go with Sagrantino wines are pizza, pasta, wild game, braised meats, squab and lamb.