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Shiraz or Syrah is undoubtedly the most famous red grape variety across the globe. Shiraz grapes are thick-skinned, which accounts for the long life and tannin filled structure of Shiraz wines. These wines are typically identified by their black fruit aromas and flavours, with notes of black pepper, herbs, spices, smoke and tar. Being such a widely acclaimed grape variety, Shiraz blends have become increasingly popular in recent years. These blends generally have a dark colour, with a full-bodied and fruit drove palate structure. Common blends associated with Shiraz are – Shiraz with Cabernet Sauvignon; Shiraz and Grenache; Shiraz, Sangiovese, Tempranillo and Merlot, and Shiraz with Viognier.

Shiraz Viognier

This pairing might seem unusual to some, what with Shiraz being a red grape and Viognier being a white grape variety, but it has proven to be an incredibly successful wine blend. It first experimented in Rhone Valley, and with its exciting flavours and mouthfeel, it quickly spread throughout the New World. This blend is used to make remarkable Red wines

Shiraz Grenache

Shiraz Grenache wines have been in production for quite a few centuries now. Both constituents of these blends thrive better in warm climates, imbuing the blends with aromas of black cherries, black olives, blueberries, stewed plums and spiced dark chocolate. Shiraz being the darker and more powerful of the two grapes, provides structure and spicy notes to the blend, along with nuances of blueberry and liquorice. Grenache grapes infuse the wine with vibrant and juicy characters of raspberry and strawberry, livening the blend and enhancing its alcohol potential. Cornish pasties and Moroccan tagines taste wonderful with these outstanding red wine blends.

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