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Sparkling Shiraz Wines

Best Australian Sparkling Shiraz Wines

If one has to talk about the best Australian contribution ever made to the wine world then it would be this —Sparkling Shiraz. Produced in Victoria for the first time, this wine style brings the old and new worlds of wine together. This unparalleled Australian Sparkling Shiraz showcases flavours of dark berries, sweet plum, cherry and spices. Sparkling Shiraz is made using méthode traditionelle in which fermentation occurs in each individual wine bottle. Although this method is quite expensive and time taking, it brings out the best from the wine in terms of quality and consistency. Sparkling Shiraz is a unique blend from both the wine worlds. This rich red wine has berry fruits and spice brightened and lifted by the sparkling wine. Sparkling Shiraz is ideally served cold just as white wine and Champagne are served. It's an amazing wine when it comes to food pairing. This exceptional wine goes best with flavourful dishes like glazed ham, roast lamb, pudding and dark chocolate. It is also an outstanding companion for foods like Peking duck or teriyaki salmon. It goes well with a wedge of vintage cheddar too.