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Cultivated all over Italy, Moscato has diverse flavours to offer. The fruity and floral wine is available from bubbly to fortified and everything in between. Of them, Pink Moscato is outstanding. Its main characteristics include apricot and peach notes with hints of berries and cherries. Carrying a zingy and refreshing profile, Pink Moscato showcases ripe strawberries and red apple flavours. Made using the Muscat Blanc grapes, Pink Moscato is more or less a clear white Moscato. Wondering, where the ruby-pink colour of the wine comes from? Well, the red Merlot grapes are further added to it which also gives it a slightly different flavour note. Mainly produced as a still or lightly sparkling wine, Pink Moscato is quite in demand, especially in Australia. You can enjoy it chilled as an aperitif or pair any of your favourite desserts with it. You can also try it with spicy dishes like Indian vindaloos, Chinese and Thai takeaway dishes, curries, or spicy chicken wings.