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Savagnin Wines

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Savagnin, also known as Savagnin Blanc is a white wine fruit with green - skinned berries, grown mostly in the Jura region of France. This variety has become synonymous with Vin Jaune, a wine that is subjected to barrel maturation under a natural flor yeast film for many years. The wine develops a deep yellow colour and rich nutty flavours during this maturation phase. Vin de Paille is a wine style that is manufactured using grapes left to dry out in the Sun for several weeks or months so that their flavours and sugars can get concentrated. These wines are produced through a process called ‘mutage’ and have an alcohol level of around 15 - 20%. Traminer, Savagnin Blanc, Heida, Gelber Traminer, Paien and Nature are all synonyms for the Savagnin grape variety. Aged Comte cheese, Gruyere cheese soufflé and almond - crusted roast chicken thighs are some dishes that work excellently with bright and lively Savagnin wines.