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Verduzzo Wines

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Originated in Italy, Verduzzo white wine grape is widely grown in the country’s Giulia region. Produced both as a dry as well as sweet wine, the grape variety is known to contain relatively high tannins (Quite unlikely for a white varietal). Thus, winemakers often use it for the production of dry and tannic white wines with ‘chalky’ undertones. On the other hand, sweet Verduzzo wines are generally flavourful, offering honey and zesty citrus notes similar to an orange jelly candy. Often understood as a synonym for Verduzzo, wines like Verduzzo Trevigiano, Verduzzo Friulano, Verduzzo Verde and Verduzzo Giallo these are rather sub-varieties that have been introduced over the years. Predominantly an Italian varietal, Verduzzo wines are now produced in other countries like Australia as well. Explore our huge collection and get your favourite wine at reasonable prices. Sourced from premium regions of our country, it’s sure to please you!