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Canonbah Bridge Wines

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The Canonbah Bridge Estate is named so because it is situated on what used to be the bend of a river about 2 millenniums ago. The soils of the land are coarse, sandy and have high amounts of alluvial deposits. The vineyard of this estate spans an area of about 80 acres and is surrounded by an 8 - foot high Kangaroo fence. The vineyard is a small portion of the family - owned property that extends to around 30,000 acres, serving as a sheep station. Shane McLaughlin’s great - grandfather picked out this site to sow wheat in the 1880’s as he believed it was special. A hundred years later, when the family sought out a soil expert to counsel them on where to plant the vineyard, the soil expert pointed out the exact same spot using modern machines and technology. While Shiraz thrives on half the vineyard, the other half consists of various other red and white grape varieties.