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Distant Cousins Wines

The Distant Cousins winery produces fruity and juicy wines that reflect the relationship between New Zealand and Australia, which can be considered distant cousins as they both belong to the same antipodean family. Because of the distance, there are many differences but because they are cousins, they are familiar too. The winery makes use of techniques and styles from both the countries, celebrating the similarities and highlighting the differences. Another interesting fact regarding the winery is that the winemaking team is headed by the famous Australian viticulturist Richard Shenfield, along with the reputed New Zealand winemaker Nikolai St. George. Under the leadership of these two, the winery is able to produce delicious and premium - quality wines that are famous all over the world for their stylish packaging, rich flavours and wonderful complexity. The catchy name and unique styles of the winery have attracted the attention of wine – lovers, young and old alike.


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