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Henkell Trocken Wines

Henkell Trocken Wines

Henkell Trocken has been Germany’s most renowned and loved sparkling wine brand for many decades now. It is a timeless classic that enjoys a marvellous reputation all over the world, loved by wine - lovers of all ages and tastes. Henkell Trocken wines are superior in quality and have a constant brand - price policy. The great advertising support that the brand enjoys has secured it this special position in the international wine market. The brand has been able to combine together the grace, elegance, competence, intensity, flavours, aromas and dynamics of different grape varieties into its wines in a stupendous and enticing way. Thus, the brand is able to produce magnificent sparkling wines ideal for parties and celebrations. Henkell Trocken wines are fully matured and strong wines that display a vibrant, intense and juicy flavour profile coupled with a flowery, gentle and sweet bouquet and fruit - driven characters.


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