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Lovers Wine

Lover’s wine range hails from the famous Barokes Wines. What is unique to this brand apart from great wines is their ‘Vinsafe’ wine packaging system. Using Vinsafe, premium - quality wines can be canned and stored without compromising their stability or longevity. It is a unique and marvellous invention that has opened many new horizons for Australian wine both demographically and geographically. The Barokes estate operates on a global level as it exports its wines to most international markets. It has been conducting studies and research since 1996 to craft exceptional wines for the global market. The Barokes ‘wine in a can’ is a magnificent invention for which many patents have been granted worldwide. Barokes Wines has also remained at the forefront of a number of international wine shows. This reflects the quality and elegance of these wines, along with the success that the Vinsafe technology has shown as the best wine - in - a - can packaging system.

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