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Morris Fortified Wines

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Morris Wines is an iconic Australian winery heralded as one of the world’s greatest fortified winemakers. Established in 1859 and located in Rutherglen, Morris Wines has over 150 years of history and winemaking tradition. Morris has changed the labelling system for its sublime fortified wines, with a higher-than-average entry point for the Classic Liqueur Muscat which is considered one of the best fortified wines in the world. Tokay and the ultra-premium wines are being released under the Old Premium Liqueur (Rare) label. Morris Apera is the great Australian expression to Sherry. Tawny fortified wines by Morris are favourite among consumers for their distinct style. The art of these fortified wines lies in the correct blending of very old and much younger material to which Morris pioneers. The unparalleled taste of these Rutherglen fortified wines sets them apart from every other type.