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Silver Fern Wines

Silver Fern Wines

Silver Fernwine is as authentically and unmistakably from New Zealand as the name it bears. Just like the silver fern, this wine captures the essence of our beautiful country. Nurtured in 100% sustainable vineyards, our vines flourish in New Zealand’s unspoiled natural environment with its hot, sunny days and cool nights. Silver Fern wines are specifically selected to display the varietal intensity that is the hallmark of New Zealand wine. A stylised representation of the fern frond was first trademarked in 1885. In the Boer War (1899-1902) the emblem was used to identify New Zealand’s fighting forces. The silver fern now appears on the New Zealand coat of arms and identifies many of the country’s sports teams, including the All Black rugby team. There are frequent calls for a new design for the national flag that features the silver fern.

Winemaker: Jeff Fyfe

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