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Single Block Wines

TarraWarra Single Block wines are a pure and individual expression of the specific varietal that’s grown on the TarraWarra Estate site/block. TarraWarra Estate has continued to produce marvellous wines since 1983. Over the years it has also grown to become one of the leading winemakers of Yarra Valley. The winery was founded by Marc Besen AO and Eva Besen AO with its first vines planted in 10 acres of property. That property has now grown into a 400-hectare vineyard. The winery is best known for producing exceptional quality Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and has put its best in single block varietals and estate ranges. Under the careful supervision of Winemaker Clare Hallaron, all TarraWarra wines are grown, handpicked, vinified, and aged on the estate itself. Try some of these wines to experience the passionate winemaking tradition that runs through this excellent winery.

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