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The Hairy Arm Wines

The Hairy Arms is a small boutique winery established by Steven Worley. The company produced small parcels of Shiraz from a carefully selected site in Sunbury Victoria in 2003 and then launched its first vintage in 2004. The winery produces a limited number of wines from both Shiraz and Nebbiolo varieties grown in long-term lease vineyards in Sunbury and Heathcote. Steve utilises his skills in geology, viticulture and oenology to manage the vineyards by himself. Crafted using natural winemaking philosophy with minimal filtration, The Hairy Arms wines are fermented in 100% Burgundian Redmond barrels and then kept for some extra time in the bottles. This whole process provides a very unique and most distinct taste to the cool-climate wines produced by The Hairy Arms.

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