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The Overflow Estate 1895 Wines

The Overflow Estate 1895 Wines

The Overflow 1895 is a historic grazing property located about 60 kilometres south of Brisbane as the crow flies, 16 kilometres west of Beaudesert and about 20 kilometres east of Boonah.  It spans the Beaudesert-Boonah highway and fronts the Wyaralong Dam.  The newly constructed dam, completed in 2010, forms the northern boundary.  The Overflow boasts approximately 12 kilometres of waterfront land.

The Overflow Estate 1895 was first established in July 2010.  The first rip with the ‘dozer was located on the south-eastern side of the main house on the gently sloping land fertilised by cattle for more than a century.  The families felled the timber for the posts, barked it, snicked it and prepared it for splitting before the posts were erected.  They ran the wires and the trellises, planted every vine, painstakingly pruned every spur and cane and tended the vineyard until the first vintage was harvested in January 2013.

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