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Vineland Wines

Vineland Wines

Connections Light Wine Club is much more than bi-monthly shipments of wine to your home or office. It is a gateway to great experiences, wine and food education, an engaged wine community and the opportunity to move to exclusive, inner-tier wines. For example, Vineland Estates Winery is the first winery to be able to offer our wines along with other partner winery wines. As a Connections Light Wine Club member you will have the opportunity to move to the monthly, inner-tier "Connections" Wine Club and receive these rare partnered wines. We are currently at full subscription (1,000 members) for our Connections Wine Club, but spots do become available and they are offered to Connections Light Wine Club members by the date of their sign up. Besides being a great club itself, our Connections Light Wine Club is also the "queue" for getting into the inner-tier "Connections". Our winemaker also creates many small, reserve quality, 120 case batches that are exclusive to our Wine Clubs for monthly shipments and for Wine Club Only retail. With this array of offerings, our Wine Clubs are truly all inclusive and never ordinary nor predictable. We thrive on keeping our wine club family engaged and happy.

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