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Founders Reserve Wines

Founder's Reserve is a brilliant range of wines by George Wyndham wines, previously called Wyndham Estate wines. The fruit for these wines was harvested from low-yielding vines that help create intensely ripe fruit characteristics. A range portraying 170 years of excellence, Founder's Reserve is a step up in complexity and craftsmanship initiated by the father of Australian Shiraz, George Wyndham. It was he who planted the first commercial Shiraz vineyard of Australia in 1830. His innovative spirit of producing excellent wines have built a proud legacy that thrives to this day through George Wyndham wines. The award-winning Founder's Reserve range includes full-bodied Shiraz, medium-bodied Shiraz Cabernet, Shiraz Grenache with a distinctive spicy finish and a full-bodied rich style Cabernet Merlot.

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