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Mitchelton Preece Nagambie Rose 2021 - 12 Bottles

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Mitchelton Preece Nagambie Rose 2021 - 12 Bottles

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Very pale and dry, the 2021 Mitchelton ‘Preece’ Nagambie Rosé bridges white-wine zest with red wine’s nuanced flavours. Its profile is a complex tapestry of lime, rhubarb, white strawberry, ginger, pink peppercorn, and rosemary, presenting a symphony of tastes that are both refreshing and intricate. This rosé captures the essence of its Victorian heritage, embodying the rich history and pioneering spirit of Mitchelton. Established on lands first traversed by Major Thomas Mitchell in 1836 and transformed into a vineyard by Colin Preece in 1969, Mitchelton has become synonymous with excellence in wine, art, and hospitality. The 'Preece' Nagambie Rosé 2021 is a testament to this tradition offering an easygoing yet tangy experience filled with subtle berry and citrus notes before culminating in a crunchy strawberry finish. Vibrant representation of how important quality and innovation are to Mitchelton; it should become better known among the wine fraternity because of its distinctiveness and carefulness in producing each bottle.

Buyers Premium 17.5%
Bottle Size 12 Bottles
Vintage 2021
Alcohol 14.00%
Region Nagambie
Brand Mitchelton Wines
Vintage Note *Vintage may vary. Every effort is made to ensure the current vintage is displayed, however variations can occur.
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