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12 bottles

St Huberts The Stag Victoria Tempranillo Shiraz 2020 - 12 Bottles

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St Huberts The Stag Victoria Tempranillo Shiraz 2020 - 12 Bottles

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The St Huberts The Stag Victoria Tempranillo Shiraz is a distinctive blend that captures the essence of Victoria's cool climate wine-making. This wine combines about 57% Tempranillo, Spain's renowned grape, with roughly 31% Shiraz, a staple of Australian viticulture, and a touch of Graciano for added complexity. Picked at optimal ripeness, the wine showcases a harmonious balance between these varietals, offering a unique profile that is quintessentially Victorian.


This Tempranillo Shiraz blend pairs excellently with a variety of robust dishes. Its structure and body are perfect for accompanying grilled meats, such as lamb or beef, enhancing the smoky flavours with its own spicy and fruity undertones. The wine also goes well with hearty stews and pasta dishes, where its tannins and depth can stand up to rich sauces and bold ingredients. For a cheese pairing, opt for aged varieties like Manchego or Cheddar to complement the wine's complex character.

Buyers Premium 17.5%
Bottle Size 12 Bottles
Vintage 2020
Alcohol 14.50%
Region Victoria
Brand St Huberts Wines
Vintage Note *Vintage may vary. Every effort is made to ensure the current vintage is displayed, however variations can occur.
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