After a long day at work, you just want to go home and unwind. What’s better to uplift your mood than a glass of wine. But there are a few problems that you can run into. What if the wine bottle is warm or you can’t find the corkscrew to open it? That would be a bummer! It can spoil your evening. Today, we are going to share some wine hacks that would save your day.

  1. Open the bottle without a corkscrew - Can’t find the corkscrew? It can happen to anyone. You can’t find the corkscrew, don’t stress. It is not the only way to open wine. You have got your house key to the rescue. Get the key and force it in the cork, twist it and with the help of a towel for a better grip, force it out. There are other solutions such as a blowtorch might come in handy or the shoe method (it can be messy so try it with caution).

  2. Chill your wine in 20 minutes - Got a warm bottle of wine? Need not to worry, we have a solution. The convenient way is to wrap a cold wet towel around the bottle and stick it in the freezer. Don’t forget to pull it out. Another quick way to chill your wine much faster is to get ice, water and salt, take any large vessel or a wine bucket, and combine the three ingredients. Immerse your bottle and you have your chilled bottle of wine in less than 20 minutes. It’s one of the best white wine hacks.

  3. Remove wine stains from your clothes/carpet - Wine stains can be stubborn, especially the red ones. Get rid of them with the help of salt. Firstly, take a paper towel and allow it to soak the wine and then cover the stain with salt. Leave it on an average one hour. It works great. Baking soda also works like a charm, especially on carpets. Make a baking soda and water paste and get your stain-free carpet back. These red wine hacks can clear all the mess.

  4. Get smarter with your wine - Make wine ice cubes for your next party. It will serve two purposes. One you will get ice cubes to keep your wine chilled and other, it will save you from watering down your wine.

  5. Utilise leftover wine - Sometimes you are not able to consume the whole bottle of wine and you can either consume it or cook with it. Otherwise, if left unattended it will oxidize and the wine will be stripped off its flavours and aromas. If the leftover wine is a dry red, it would be perfect to cook with roasted chicken. White wines accompany well with seafood. They can be used in cooking too. Risotto cooked in Pinot Gris or Pinot Grigio is very delicious. Do try it!

  6. Cork in wine - While hosting a party or a family dinner, your attention is divided and you open a bottle of wine in a hurry. The pieces of cork can drop into the wine. It’s a common problem and many people must have encountered. You can use a coffee filter, it would save your dinner.

We hope you will find these hacks useful. If you have any other hacks, do share in the comment section below.