A simple bottle of wine is a craft of outpouring perfection and passion of its artisans for the art of wine-making. A collection of exquisite wines therefore is a marvellous work of art worth having its own sanctuary in your home. A personal wine cellar is actually not very costly unless you commit serious mistakes in setting up one. In this article, we will give you a quick guide and a few points to consider in starting up a wine cellar that you will surely be proud of in future.

The first point to consider is your primary goal in creating your own wine collection. Is it for a long-term investment or personal drinking pleasure? Once you are decided with your purpose, carefully plan out your budget on a regular basis. If your wine cellar is completely for personal drinking, then you might consider buying less expensive bottles from your nearby liquor store Sydney or any other city you reside in to avoid excessive splurging and regrets that you may have in the future.

Avoid buying more than five bottles of the same variety and brand of wine. Even if you are expecting to host a party, serving a couple of bottles of different wine varieties is better than purchasing cases of the same wine. A diversity of choice makes it easier for you to discover other brands or varieties of wine that you still haven’t tried before. Try buying three bottles of a single type of wine first. You can reserve one bottle for consumption and the other two would be left in the cellar to age.

Always keep in mind the shelf life (or better, “cellar life”) of the wines that you have in stock. They should be perfectly aged for a delightful consumption and should not be treated as permanent decorations in your wine cellar. After all, an excellently matured wine would be the fruit of a great wine cellaring practice!