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How to Describe a Wine Like a Pro?

Wine Appreciation Made Easy

Being a wine lover, there must’ve been a day in your life, when you wished to have a palate like Wine Critic James Halliday. The way he describes a wine is simply amazing! We all can’t be wine experts like him, but we can at least try to describe wine like a pro, no? All […]

Wine Awards

James Halliday Wine Awards – your fix for 2019

James Halliday Wine Awards 2019

The most-awaited James Halliday wine awards for 2019 have finally been announced! Each year, renowned wine critic James Halliday and his skilled tasting panel sample thousands of wines from every nook and cranny of Australia, cherry picking the best of Aussie wineries, winemakers and wine varietals as well as blends. The awards are announced on […]

Wine and Food

5 Cocktail Making Tips for the Amateur Bartender in you

Cocktail Making Tips

Our readers would know that here, on the Just Wines blog, we have been sharing with them some delightful cocktail recipes. These range from a warming Mulled Wine for comforting you on foggy winter evenings, to an intense Star Gazer so that socialising at your next party is more fun! After all, there are so […]


About Just Wines

The Wines E-store, We blog about Wines.

The Wines E-store, We blog about Wines.

This season, the Just Wines blog will showcase a series of historic posts from the Australia's Wine Industry.