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Most of the things we have right now are the products of hard work made by our ancestors. They are the ones responsible in developing, discovering and answering questions that they have during the time when things aren’t clear enough.

One thing we enjoy right now is the deluxe of drinking wines. But, are all of us aware about its origin and the time it was discovered?

According to the website on an article entitled A History of Wine. Wines are the most preferred beverage by many people for thousands of years now; it is also associated with religion as it was mentioned in the bible. Also, it was mentioned in the article about western society that built the foundation of wines.

Moreover, on the same website in its second article entitled The Best Invention since the Wheel, it was believed that the discovery of wine production is actually accidental. The fable that is very persuasive that talks about a specific princess who wanted to end her life because of too much pressure. She ate too much spoiled grapes which she thought will cause her to die. However, she woke up the next morning and felt like new again which she thought was because of the grape consumption.

On a more formal context, on the same article it was mentioned that the earliest leftovers of wine were discovered around Hajji Firuz Tepe located in the northern Zagros Mountains of Iran. It was believed that wine discovery dated between 5400-5000 B.C.

On the other hand, on another article stated on the website entitled Wine History: Science and social impact through time. It was an earlier discovery of wine around Europe. It was believed that the Greek civilization happened around 1600 B.C. Homer's Odyssey and Iliad have its details. Wines, during that time serve as a symbol of the quality of life they have during those days.

In addition, on the website with the article entitled Neolithic Period “Chateau Hajji Firuz”, winemaking is best known to be an International human activity rather than as a seasonal accidental thing.

A lot of countries have their history to tell. A history that tells about the discovery and the production of wines we enjoy nowadays. With all the effort they gave for this kind of output, the least thing we can do is to look back and give credit. As for today, we can be able to enjoy and feel the pleasure of wines that they once aspire for.

Why don't you grab a glass of wine and feel that sweet effort? Having a glass of wine will surely tell a lot. Benefits with its highest form, and one shot to tell it all.



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    • Graeme Handy
    • June 13, 2013

    Just Wines sell good wines, but try to return some as per their guarantee. They ignore emails and refuse to return your phone calls.

    1. Reply

      Hi Graeme,

      Just sent you and email and have addressed your issue over the phone as well.

      Hope this helps.

      We would always stick to quality of the wines we sell and will be happy to take them back any day.


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