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Buy Prosecco Sparkling Wine In Australia

Hailing from the Veneto wine region of Italy, Prosecco is a type of sparkling wine, widely produced and consumed in the country. Unlike the famous Champagne, Prosecco wines are produced using the charmat method. In this, the secondary fermentation (That results in the final beads) takes place in huge tanks prior to bottling. Produced using the Glera grape variety (That is also often wrongly pronounced as Prosecco grape) Prosecco sparkling wines reveal light and frothy bubbles in a glass. It might also be produced as a blend of white grape varieties, however, Glera remains the primary component of the blend. Based on the level of sweetness, Prosecco is available in different styles - Brut, Extra-Dry, Dry, Semi-Dry. The dry Prosecco has a touch of sweetness as compared to the extra-dry and brut styles. Originated in Italy, the drink is now widely produced in other parts of the world as well, mainly, Australia, Brazil, Argentina and Romania.

You may enjoy it as an aperitif or pair this versatile drink with a variety of food-options like fruit-driven appetizers or cured meats. A part of every celebration, this bubbly is a great pick for all occasions! Explore our huge collection showcasing some of the best Prosecco brands in Australia, available at reasonable prices that are sure to please you.

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