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De Bortoli Petit Moscato Frizzante NV Yarra Valley - 6 Bottles

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De Bortoli Petit Moscato Frizzante NV Yarra Valley - 6 Bottles

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De Bortoli Wines came into existence in 1928 when Vittorio De Bortoli purchased a 55 acre mixed fruit farm and acknowledged the growth of glut of shiraz grapes. The De Bortoli heritage encompasses the rise of the Australian wine industry and the tale of a hardworking and innovative family. De Bortoli La Boheme is a range of De Bortoli Wines. It's a classic bistro wine reflecting etherealism, aroma, texture, sophistication and easy pairing with food. It is a wine with poise and charm.?


A sweet, light bodied wine with highly aromatic, fresh and lively berry fruit supporting the bright sorbet characters. The light sparkle adds lift while the aromas are balanced with the soft mouth feel, the sweetness smooths out the astringency with fresh spritz and soft acidity. The palate is fresh and alive with sorbet lingering in the mouth. Pair it with appetizers, sweet brunch dishes, dessert, or alone as an aperitif.

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Brand De Bortoli Wines
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