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12 bottles

Natures Element Bookpurnong Cabernet Sauvignon 2021 - 12 Bottles

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Natures Element Bookpurnong Cabernet Sauvignon 2021 - 12 Bottles

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This wine greets the senses with an intriguing blend of aromas right from the first encounter. The initial notes of black olive and potpourri set a distinctive and inviting tone, suggesting a wine of depth and complexity. As it opens up, the bouquet evolves, leading the way to a palate characterised by rich layers of blackcurrant, seamlessly intertwined with a subtle earthiness. This combination of flavours creates a compelling contrast, where the vibrant fruitiness of blackcurrant is beautifully grounded by the wine's inherent earthy tones. The result is a Cabernet Sauvignon that offers a nuanced and textured drinking experience, reflecting the unique characteristics of its terroir. This Cab Sav stands as a compelling showcase of the varietal's ability to unfold a wide range of flavours, securing its place as a distinguished selection in any wine aficionado's collection.

Buyers Premium 17.5%
Bottle Size 12 Bottles
Varieties Cabernet Sauvignon
Vintage 2021
Alcohol 10% - 15%
Region Bookpurnong
Brand Natures Element Wines
Vintage Note *Vintage may vary. Every effort is made to ensure the current vintage is displayed, however variations can occur.
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