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Blanc de Blanc Wines

The French term ‘blanc de blancs’ translates to ‘white from whites’. Made using Chardonnay grapes only, blanc de blanc sparkling wines are known to be crisper with a more citrus-driven style. The best Australian blanc de blanc wines come from the cool climates of Tasmania, the Upper Yarra Valley, the Macedon Ranges, and pockets of the Adelaide Hills. These wines are produced using méthode traditionelle and are of great finesse and complexity, with their own local twist. Elegant and lithe, blanc de blanc wines can be lean and mineral, or more full-bodied with a lush, creamy texture, depending on their provenance. However, they are usually characterised by their clean and crisp flavours, appealingly acidic notes and, in some cases, a bready and yeasty backbone developed through fermentation, which grounds and anchors the wine. These fresh and intense wines pair best with vegetable-based dishes or the classic seafood combinations such as oysters or prawns.