3 Cocktails Every Wine Lover Must Try

3 Cocktails every wine lover must try

3 parts fruity & aromatic white wine, chilled
1 part club soda, chilled
1 fresh fruit popsicle

The trick here is to use the popsicle of fruit which features in the wine. So if there are notes of pineapple in your Riesling, use a pineapple popsicle. Similarly, go for a lime popsicle if your Sauvignon Blanc features lime aromas, and so on. We have merely mentioned the quantities in ‘parts,' instead of ounces or milliliter here since that makes assembling the cocktail so much easier!
Lower the popsicle in a glass, and slowly pour in the white wine. Top with the club soda. Enjoy this drink slowly. The longer you keep sipping it, the more would the popsicle melt, flavouring the cocktail.

1 part crème de cassis
4 parts bone dry & unoaked white wine, chilled

Pour crème de cassis into a wine glass. (If you pour the wine first, they wouldn’t mix since the liqueur is at room temperature.) Top with the wine and mix. Serve. The wine should dominate this cocktail, rather than getting overpowered by the liqueur, which is just supposed to balance out the acidity of the drink with its sweetness. It should have a light blush to it.

1 part dry sparkling wine, chilled
1 part orange juice, chilled

This wine cocktail is traditionally made with champagne, though you can use a dry sparkling wine of choice. While preparing cocktails, it is also important to not use expensive wines as you are anyway combining them with other ingredients, such as orange juice in this case. Half fill the glass with bubbly and then pour in the orange juice. (If you add the orange juice first, the two wouldn’t mix very well. This is a drink you can’t stir, or it would go flat. Serve immediately.


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