Interesting facts to know about Bellarine Estate Two Wives Shiraz 2015 Geelong

Interesting facts to know about Bellarine Estate Two Wives Shiraz 2015

Wine is a constant proof that we love you and therefore we bring the best wines for you.  We all celebrate happy occasions with wine and therefore always want something super, best and second to none wines. How about an aromatic wine with savoury and relishing flavours? Well, you read it right because we are talking about the most exciting wine—Bellarine Estate Two Wives Shiraz 2015 Geelong. Bellarine Estate offers outstanding and top-notch wines.  The estate is fully planted with various and unusual grapevines like Merlot, Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Viognier, and Sauvignon Blanc. You must be curious to know about the founders of this winery. Well, we won’t hide it from you that this is the oldest wineries of Bellarine Peninsula. Peter and Lizette Kenny established this famous winery in the year 1996.

The product is known to be rich in flavours of Boysenberry, black cherries and amazing cranberries which aptly mingle with smoked and cold cooked meats or charcuterie, savoury spices and soy diets. You can easily find it rich with vibrant and dynamic red and blue fruit flavours. The juicy and pulpy characters harmonize well with the first-class tannis to end up the wine in a dry and complete finish. This Shiraz is pleasurable, rapturous and delightful which is made for the consumption at the moment. The length and balance of the wine come from a long dry finish. Undoubtedly, this wine can be easily cellared or stored for up to ten years. The different fruit flavours make it an interestingly distinct wine for the wine lovers. You can check it out at and sip it with your loved one along with your favourite meal. The best conjunction of wine and food is always divine and mystical. Don’t wait for more to buy it. We are sure you will fall for the fantastic taste!


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