While buying a wine, we always search for our favourite varietal but little do we actually care about where does it come from. Wondering if that even matters? Well, yes it does. Grapes are grown in different parts of the world with varying climatic conditions. As a result, the same grape varietal when grown in different regions reveals completely different flavours. Based on this, the wines are broadly divided into two categories: cool climate vs warm climate wines.

Cool-Climate Wines The grapes that are grown in a cool climate take a lot of time to ripen. The resultant fruit is thus concentrated, characterised by higher acidity and less sugar levels. You can expect the wine to be dry, crisp and light. If you want a light-bodied wine that reveals tart and fresh flavours, cool-climate wines are a perfect pick. Warm-Climate Wines Contrary to the above, grapes growing in warmer regions ripen easily. This results in fruits having lower acidity and high sugar levels. Warm-climate wines generally reveal full, soft and fruity flavours and aromas. If you are searching for a full-bodied red or white to enjoy with friends or family, you may choose a warm-climate wine. Sometimes, a cool-climate wine may also display elements of ripe fruits, quite unlikely to its nature and vice versa. In such cases, the vintage plays a major role. The climate may vary from year to year, especially in case of cool regions that are characterised by highly variable conditions. Other factors like humidity, the amount of rainfall, and warming or cooling forces such as clouds can also affect the wine. Cool Climate vs Warm Climate Wine Regions in Australia Australia can be divided into 3 parts on the basis of climatic variations. Western Australia having a warm-climate is popular for the unoaked Chardonnay , the light-bodied Cab Sauv and elegant Cabernet Merlot blends. The South and Central region with a hot-climate are particularly known for the bold Shiraz, buttery Chardonnay and dry Riesling. The cool climate of Victoria and Tasmania region produces plummy Pinot Noir, creamy Chardonnay and citrusy Sauvignon Blanc wines.