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Dubbed as the most plastic grape variety, Chardonnay is used in the production of white wines. Originated in famous Burgundy region of France, it’s now popularly grown worldwide. With a highly versatile and adaptable nature, it’s produced in different styles by winemakers all around–from lean to crisp, oaked to unoaked. Depending on the process employed by different Chardonnay producing brands, the colour may also vary from pale straw to vibrant golden. A drink that has something for everyone, meant to be consumed by every white wine lover (Owing to the unique and versatile characteristics), it’s produced in almost all the major wine producing countries. When harvested in a cool climate region it showcases higher acidity and restained fruit flavours while a warm climate Chardy is generally full-bodied drink, offering intense flavours. Quite unlikely for a white varietal, Chardonnay wines often undergo a secondary fermentation, also known as MLF, resulting in added flavours of caramel and vanilla. Some oak aged Chardy may also reveal notes of butter, baked tart or crème brûlée and caramelised sugar.

One might be surprised to know, Chardonnay is the most important component of the world-famous Champagne sparkling wine, thus making France the largest producer of this grape variety. Over the years, Australia (after the US) has also gained a position in the list of premium Chardonnay wine producers globally.

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